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  • Duronic screen cleaner is different. It is a cleaner that leaves no marks and leaves you with a clean screen. It is the perfect screen cleaner for your smartphone, laptop, tablet, TV screen, PC screen, phone and anything that attracts tracts, fingerprints, dust. It does a great job of cleaning your camera or camera.
  • Each bottle contains 200ml of cleaning solution. Once emptyed, the bottle can either be reused for any other cleaner or to water your indoor plants. The bottle belongs to category 1 and is therefore fully recyclable. This model is also available as a single pack if you do not require two bottles, the reference is SCK101. And for those who have a lot of screens to clean, the SCK103 model contains a 500ml bottle.
  • A soft microfibre fabric is provided and fits perfectly into the cap so that the bottle is never lost again allowing the bottle to always be ready to use. This fabric is washable and can be reused. Give your screen a new again, this kit allows you to prevent the spread of germs that has become more and more common since the touch screens arrive.
  • Numerous studies show that a phone is home to 10 times more bacteria than a toilet bowl. It is also important to note that rubber shells are particularly affected, as germs are more prone to these types of materials. Cleaning your phone is not automatic for all, having a bottle of cleaner in hand will likely help you think more and possibly avoid getting sick!

Screen cleaning kit

21,00 €Prix
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